King's College HospitalCelebrating 50 Years

King's Liver Golden Jubilee:
International Summit 2016

Hosted by Institute of Liver Studies at King's College Hospital, London. UK.

16th – 18th June 2016

Intense two day meeting led by a world renowned faculty

“Celebrate the Past; Anticipate the Future”


The Institute of Liver Studies at the King's College Hospital, London will be hosting a two day meeting focused on current liver medicine and scientiifc knowledge with a strong view on developments likely in the near future. The meeting will acknowledge the 50th year of the 'King's Liver Unit’.

The scientiifc programme will be led by King's College Hospital Liver Team to bring together an international faculty of alumni, research collaborators and associates from centres of excellence and leading the field of liver research and medicine.

The programme will look at the specialty's achievements to date and celebrate the advancement in Transplantation, Liver Molecular Genetics, Liver Immunopathology and Hepatocyte Biology through to reviewing established and innovative therapies for liver disease, including new surgical techniques. The programme will encompass adult and paediatric specialities.


Registration is now open.

Early registration rates end 30th April 2016


The Programme is designed to benefit specialist
physicians, nurses and scientists who will be able to apply the knowledge gained to improve research and clinical practice, leading to the advancement in the outcomes for those patients who develop liver disease